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Euronews Georgia:Pandemic is not an obstacle

Euronews Georgia started broadcasting in Georgian on the last day of summer 2020. The brand new channel was built from scratch in a historic building with cutting edge technologies despite the tough challenges of the global pandemic.

The newsroom, editing, on-air graphics and video wall management are based on Avid Technology solutions. The highlight of the project is a series of integration bridges between Avid systems, BroadStream Oasys automated playout and inMedia digital archive systems. Robotic cameras, studios, camera and editing equipment, control rooms and archives interact at a high level of harmonic integration, like an orchestra.

With the remote support of the VisionHOUSE team installed equipment, provided all tests, trained staff, helped in the development of graphic templates, supported and accompanied the Euronews Georgia team before, during and another 10 days after the launch. For the moment, the channel broadcasts in Georgian international, national and local news from a European perspective 24/7.


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